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Easy Timeline Animation with Plaintext

I love Adobe Flash's timeline UI.
It's super easy to create complex timeline animations.

Alt Text

But actually Flash is dead... (still Adobe Animate is living)

Okay, I have an idea. Expressing the timeline UI with plaintext.

Alt Text

Then I made an animation library.


Please watch how it works.

Alt Text

Yey. It's useful for tweaking animation timings, isn't it?

It's also work with data attibutes. No JS config required.

Alt Text

but I think writing JS is the best way to manage multiple timelines.

Alt Text


It's only 27 lines of code, because it is actually an wrapper of gsap.timeline.

Alt Text

This library is still PoC, I'm planning to make breaking changes for support ScrollMagic.


I also published this to npm. Enjoy!

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