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Developers Treasure Chest - Issue 1

You won’t believe the incredible resources we’ve compiled in this article!

We’ve got something for everyone, categorized in sections for JavaScript/TypeScript developers, SASS Tools, PHP & Laravel, Python, WordPress, and more. There are tons of helpful resources, books, tutorial videos, articles, and GitHub repositories you will find useful for your development works.

Bon voyage :)

JavaScript & TypeScript (JS/TS)

Amazing Component Party

Amazing Component Party

Web component JS frameworks overview by their syntax and features: Svelte, React, Vue 3, Angular, SolidJS, Lit, Ember, Alpine, Qwik

JavaScript/TypeScript Goodness - Straight from GitHub

  • Fastify/Fast-Json-Stringify - 2x faster than JSON.stringify()
  • TanStack/table - 🤖 Headless UI for building powerful tables & data grids for TS/JS - React-Table, Vue-Table, Solid-Table, Svelte-Table
  • Microsoft/tsyringe - Lightweight dependency injection container for JavaScript/TypeScript
  • Agalwood/Motrix - A full-featured download manager using Electron and Vue.js
  • Serverless-stack/sst - 💥 SST makes it easy to build serverless apps. Set breakpoints and test your functions locally.
  • Cveinnt/LiveTerm - 💻 Build terminal-styled websites in minutes!
  • Vuejs/create-vue - Quickly scaffold a Vue project with npm init vue@3
  • Arifszn/gitprofile - 🚀 Create an automatic portfolio based on GitHub profile
  • Bun - Incredibly fast JavaScript runtime, bundler, transpiler and package manager, all in one
  • The Amazing N - Interactively Manage Your Node.js Versions
  • NVM - Node Version Manager - POSIX-compliant bash script to manage multiple active node.js versions
  • Shikhi - A beautiful syntax highlighter

And some great books, tutorials and articles

SASS & Applications

Sell digital products and downloads the easy peasy way with Lemon Squeezy

Sell digital products and downloads the easy peasy way with Lemon Squeezy

Selling digital downloads, subscriptions, and software licenses has never been easier, faster, or more secure.

And More SASS Products

  • Northflank - Deploy any code, job or database in seconds. The comprehensive developer platform to build and scale microservices, jobs and managed databases with a powerful UI, API & CLI.
  • Client Billing - A full featured client billing solution from WPMu Dev, For FREE 🎉
  • Directual - Pro-level no-code tool for web and web3
  • Swarmia - Gain visibility. Remove blockers. Ship 10x faster
  • NocoDB - Turns your SQL database into a Nocode platform. Free & Open Source.
  • Sequin - Replicate third-party APIs to Postgres
  • Bobby - Backup all your Google Docs to your desktop in one click
  • OpenReplay - Open-Source Session Replay
  • Microsoft Clarity - Free Heatmaps & Session Recordings
  • MyMind - The amazing browser extension you must need
  • - No Code Website Builder, Web Design Tool for Designers
  • Plasmic - The headless page builder for your codebase
  • Web3Forms - Easy Contact Form to Email Service
  • Asciinema - Record and share your terminal sessions, the simple way
  • - The Free Online Photo Editor In Your Browser

PHP & Laravel

Laravel Daily by Povilas Korop - Hydra: Laravel API Boilerplate with Sanctum Roles

Laravel Daily by Povilas Korop - Hydra: Laravel API Boilerplate with Sanctum Roles

Today I’m presenting you a package, or rather it’s a starter boilerplate, specifically for Laravel API projects.

More PHP/Laravel Tools for the Web Artisans

Two Great Books, Look!

  • PHP - The Right Way - Your guide to PHP best practices, coding standards, and authoritative tutorials.
  • PHP Handbook - An Impressive Free Handbook for the PHP Developers. Covers PHP 8+



Python Tutorial - Python Full Course for Beginners

Python Tutorial - Python Full Course for Beginners

Python tutorial - Python full course for beginners - Go from Zero to Hero with Python (includes machine learning & web development projects).

Some great articles, tutorials and tools for Pythonistas

  • Learn Python - Getting started + 3 Projects for Excel & Data people
  • Pyca/cryptography - A package designed to expose cryptographic primitives and recipes to Python developers.
  • PyScript - Run Python in your HTML
  • Kaggle - Kaggle is the world’s largest data science community with powerful tools and resources to help you achieve your data science goals.
  • Totally Free Machine Learning Course - Machine Learning for the beginners, From Microsoft :)
  • Learn from a Googler - 1 Python fundamentals in 1 tutorial (in বাংলা)


Docker Tutorial for Beginners

Docker Tutorial for Beginners

Learn Docker for a career in software or DevOps engineering. This Docker tutorial teaches you everything you need to get started with Docker


And finally one last video :D

Fixing bugs in your code

Let me know how you liked this collection.

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Surjith S M

Thanks for mentioning Web3Forms 🙏

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Eric Walton 9 Aka. Edub9

Great collection! Something here for everyone and every skillset. Thank you for sharing.