Can you rate my React package?

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Hi everyone,

my guess was about npm package is like magic when I was trying to install a third-party package, but when I feel compatible with the ecosystem and all about reactjs, I thought it's and can be made with javascript, so I created my first reactjs package for dark mode toggling, what I expect from you is to find an issue, terrible code and if you like please just give me one star to push me forward as you pretty much know!


git repo: https://github.com/lifeeric/react-darkmode-toggler
npm: https://www.npmjs.com/package/react-darkmode-toggler

Thanks for supporting me!


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Nice package!

You can also add css user-select: none; to disable accidental emoji selection


I'd also suggest passing new state to the client callback, indicating on/off switch — it'd be simpler for user to know what state was activated


I'd like you to add this feature and PR if you love to do, I'm excited to see you there and also to learn this. and I really appreciate you for giving me start and for fork my repo, Thanks A lot!


I glad to see you here! I was lazy to add this property and likely forgot, Thanks for this issue!