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Hassan Bazuhair
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Why to choose Cloud service providers like Azure or GCP or AWS Instead of InterServer or GoDaddy ...etc.

Why to choose Cloud service providers like Azure or GCP or AWS Instead of InterServer or GoDaddy ...etc. Even they have better prices and Shared Host and also VPS, when we compare the prices for example for computing or Store they're very expansive comparing to the another alternatives, even though Azure and AWS and GCP are leading in cloud serveries.
I want to ask why they lead in this? Why to chose one of Azure or GCP or AWS verses InterServer or GoDaddy or Bluehost?

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manish srivastava

Latency: with cloud you can choose as many as data centers at different locations.

Manual intervention: cloud provider's panel is more vivid and having no manual intervention is required.

Reserved Resources: in cloud you have fixed resources like ram , cores, HDD but in shared hosting you share with others including your ip.

Even you can create your own production cloud from vps / metal server:

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Austin S. Hemmelgarn

Based on personal experience with GoDaddy (and horror stories I've heard about Bluehost), because AWS, GCP, and Azure are quite simply better in many respects.

Looking at VPS offerings, GoDaddy is actually on par with AWS Lightsail, Vultr, Linode, Digital Ocean, and I suspect also whatever the Lightsail equivalents are on GCP and Azure, but unlike all of the others they've got severely limited options for where you get hosted (GoDaddy has only 3 options, AWS Lightsail has 13, Vultr has 17) and they interestingly say absolutely nothing about network bandwidth or data caps (which is kind of important information if you're planning on doing any serious work with the VPS nodes they're hosting for you).

Looking at DNS hosting and domain registration, based on personal experience AWS Route53 and Amazon Registrar is cheaper (for my personal domain, I'm paying roughly 13.20 USD a year for both registration and hosting, the equivalent on GoDaddy would be 15 USD a year for registration and a further 3 USD a year for hosting that covers what I actually need (namely, my DNS entries not evaporating after a month because they're not tied to any other GoDaddy services) but lacks many of the features that Route53 provides).

Additionally, AWS, GCP, and Azure offer comprehensive IAM, which is crucial for sane management of access within any serious business, but a vast majority of the 'early providers' like GoDaddy still lack this functionality, or have woefully incomplete or difficult to use IAM.

And, on top of all of that, there's the simple fact that Azure, GCP, and AWS are far more comprehensive in terms of what they offer. AWS and GCP both provide more service offerings than I can count, it's quite literally possible to do everything you need for cloud services in either (and the same is also true of Azure, I just have no experience working with that to comment on it), and that by itself is a huge bonus for businesses because they have exactly one bill for cloud services each month.

Now, there is one thing that AWS/GCP/Azure are missing, which is dead simple web hosting. They technically have options for pure web hosting, but they're largely gimmicks built on top of their object storage offerings (S3, GCS, etc) and they're a pain to set up. So, if you truly only need web hosting, they're not the best option. But, there are better options for pure web hosting (like, for example, GitHub Pages if you are doing a site that's actually supposed to be 'open'), and chances are you don't actually want just web hosting (at minimum you almost certainly need domain registration and DNS service, and more realistically you probably need data storage and probably some level of more complicated server-side stuff too).

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Hassan Bazuhair

Good thank you.