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Hassan Bazuhair
Hassan Bazuhair

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Witch one is batter for building E-Commerce website core or Laravel

Hi, I am confused I don't know to choose what framework is better for my project.
I want to build E-Commerce website With Custom features fit our country so I am confused between core and Laravel, the project will be growing with the time, if its grow too much later on, I am going to use Microservice Architecture.
so which one is the best laravel or core?
NOTE: I am familure with C# but i want to choose the best, and the UI going to be React.

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Dĵ ΝιΓΞΗΛψΚ • Edited

I'm working on an e-commerce site these days and this is what we use:

  • frontend: svelte + tailwinds
  • web api: core / servicestack (not free)
  • architecture: cqrs + vertical slices (say no to n-tier)
  • db: mongodb (say no to ef/sql)

I started off with php in my career but can't stand it anymore after working in .net for the past decade or so.

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Kayo Hamid

I'm a long way Laravel developer, my first project I used Laravel 4.2

Today I prefer ASP.NET Core, the one thing I see better in Laravel is migrations/seeding.

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Akash Kava

If you are familiar with C# then ASP.NET Core will be easy. There is nothing you cannot do in ASP.NET Core which you can in Laravel. Almost all frameworks for every languages have 95% common features.