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What is GraphQL

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Vue and GraphQL with Hasura (14 Part Series)

1) Vue and GraphQL with Hasura video course 2) What is GraphQL 3 ... 12 3) Creating auto generated CRUD API with Hasura engine 4) Extending CRUD API with Remote Schemas and Event Triggers 5) Securing Hasura GraphQL Endpoint with Admin Secret key 6) Running Hasura engine locally on existing database 7) Setting up Vue app with Apollo client and querying GraphQL endpoint for data 8) Different gotchas when executing GraphQL queries 9) Use ApolloQuery component inside your template 10) Different ways of using GraphQL mutations in our Vue app for inserting posts 11) Delete posts conditionally using delete_posts mutation 12) Configure real time updates in your Vue app with Subscriptions 13) Using subscribeToMore when defining a query to get partial updates 14) Move subscribeToMore to be more declarative by moving it to the template

In this video we will discuss basics of GraphQL and why it's better than REST. Even though this video will cover the basic concepts of GraphQL, If you wanna learn more about it, I suggest you check my free GraphQL bootcamp that I did recently to get more in-depth overview of what GraphQL is and it's capabilities

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Hasura GraphQL Engine is an opensource service that gives you instant realtime GraphQL APIs on Postgres with fine grained access control.
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Instant Realtime GraphQL on Postgres

Hasura is free, open source &; has a rapidly growing active community around it!

It will take you about ~30 seconds to get your GraphQL endpoint up and running on the Heroku free tier.

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