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Refresh Setup

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My OS broke 2 days ago because while I was -Syu, my neighborhood had a blackout. What luck, right?

Anyways I had to reformat my OS and just started new again. I have to say that I am happier now with this setup than when I had it.

I made my ncmpcpp much nicer than the last time. I switched my terminal (urxvt) colorscheme and font to Hack instead of the RobotoMono.

I actually got Vim to use the colorscheme to what I want which is Tokyonight and also have the AirlineTheme to be the same. It is amazing.
My neofetch now also shows the correct song being played.
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It really helps when you have a lot of your dotfiles in github.

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Otu Michael

It looks cool...

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HaxNet Author

Thank you!