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Trick to make laravel Inertia SEO friendly

We usually struggle to make our single page applications SEO friendly as they render in client side.

Meta tags and other SEO friendly information should be render from server side in order to make the application SEO friendly.

In laravel with inertia we render one single view for every route.

If we want to render meta tags from server side, we have to pass those information to that view.

We can use a simple class to achieve this.

in app\Meta.php (You can put this class anywhere you want).


namespace App;

class Meta
    protected static $meta = [];

    public static function addMeta($name, $content)
        static::$meta[$name] = $content;

    public static function render()
        $html = '';
        foreach (static::$meta as $name => $content) {
            $html .= '<meta name="'.$name.'" content="'.$content.'" />'.PHP_EOL;
        return $html;
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Now in the controller add meta or code snippet as you want.

use App\Meta;

public function index() {
    Meta::addMeta('title', 'Dashboard');
    Meta::addMeta('description', 'My awesome site .....');
    return Inertia::render('Dashboard');
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To add a meta tag, call addMeta method of Meta class with name as first parameter and content as second parameter.

You can add as many meta tags as you want.

Now in view we need to render those meta tags.
To render those, just call render method of Meta class.

<meta charset="utf-8">
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
{!! \App\Meta::render() !!}
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Now if we check source, we'll find our meta tags and snippets.

Image description

Note that if you want to use this approach with laravel octane, this will lead to unexpected result.
We have to clean it up in every request.

In order to claen up, add cleanup method in Meta class.

    public static function cleanup()
        static::$meta = [];
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Now we can cleanup by listening RequestReceived event of laravel octane.

In EventServiceProvider

use App\Meta;
use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Event;
use Laravel\Octane\Events\RequestReceived;

public function boot()
    Event::listen(function (RequestReceived $_) {
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This is just a simple idea on how we can make inertia SEO friendly.

Have Fun 🎉 !!!

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