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Muhammad Habib Jawady
Muhammad Habib Jawady

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What is the most blurry part of python to you?

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Ben Halpern

Now that you mention it

But seriously. I'd say for me it's that it's a lot like Ruby, which I use a lot more, but different in ways that trip me up.

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Muhammad Habib Jawady

I have a rails fanboy friend and he says that all the time. I hope I get some more clear questions ... as I am still making questions to interview Guido and still looking for ideas and maybe write an article explaining the stuff I can answer :D (I'm a huge fan of yours btw)/thx for this website)

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Aidas Bendoraitis • Edited

For me it's metaclass programming (it allows you to create classes and add attributes and methods to the classes dynamically). I have used them before, but normally I would try to avoid them, because it is difficult to maintain code with metaclasses. I think the only place where using metaclasses makes sense is creating a framework.

Also different libraries and frameworks in Python have their own blurry things. For example, in Django I would say that signals is one of such. To simplify, signals are like events in JavaScript. Unfortunately when you start adding them to your apps, you start losing control of the flow: what comes after what when you save forms or run cron jobs, or run background tasks.

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asyncio without a doubt