Best materials (free or paid) for learning/understanding .NET

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Hey there!

I'm looking for good materials for learning .NET. Are there approaches to better understanding the framework/language or just tips on how to learn that you guys would suggest? Is there something i should unlearn (besides a bigger emphasis on singletons) since i have a PHP background? Any recommandation would help.

Thanks in advance, guys!

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From a really beginners perspective, I can't remember anything but Microsoft Virtual Academy, which has courses about a lot of topics on .NET, but most of the time, doesn't go too deep.

Another possibly good choice (maybe better) is Pluralsight, as I think it has a lot of .NET content (but I don't have a subscription, so never really explored it that much).

Also the .NET site seems to have a bunch of tutorials over there.

For different approaches, you could check out csharpfritz on Twitch, where he does live coding and "pair programming" with the people on the chat.

Finally (shameless plug 😛) I'm doing a series on my blog/dev.to/YouTube where I'm building an application with ASP.NET Core, but I'm assuming some initial C# and .NET understanding. If you want you can check the start of it here.


As a heads up for something that's probably really different from PHP to .NET (not completely sure, as I didn't do much with PHP) -> .NET people (me included) loooooove dependency injection and abuse dependency injection containers 😀


Thanks for the links. Fritz seems like a cool guy, i could watch him code :) Great that you included the application you are building. Feels good when you see something different than todo apps or something that barely scratches the surface.

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