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What is better? Freelancing or a full time job?

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Sam Ferree • Edited

There are always exceptions to this but...

In general if you value security, you want a full time job. Maybe you've got a mortgage, couple kids, some student loan debt?


In general if you have don't have any dependents, can live frugally, or are financially secure, and you want more freedom, then freelancing is a better option.

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Jake Casto • Edited

Both have benefits and downfalls.

Full Time:

  • Health Care/Insurance
  • Vacation Days
  • Work Schedule


  • Unlimited Vacation Days
  • Very Flexible Schedule
  • Self Employed

Above I listed a few perks for both. With a full-time job, the employer is likely to provide health care; when freelancing you have to pay out of pocket for any medical expenses or pay (more) for health care. Full-time jobs (typically) offer paid vacation days which is always nice, freelancing has unlimited paid vacation days. However you're never guaranteed work with freelancing, one week you may be slammed with commissions the next you may have no work.

I've had full-time & freelance jobs over my career (5 years). When working a full-time job I have more financial flexibility (most of the time). When freelancing I was either "rich" or "poor" it depended on the week. Personally, I prefer freelancing, even though I don't always have work. It's a great experience getting to work with other developers, teams, and companies internationally.

I can't say which is better, I've done both and enjoyed them. Some parts were more enjoyable than others but it's really your preference.

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rhymes • Edited

When freelancing I was either "rich" or "poor" it depended on the week.

ahaha so true :-)

The unlimited vacation days are a mirage because the companies you work with sometimes expect you to be reachable during business hours, unless you find a way to incorporate a more flexible lifestyle in your business