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#1 AWS Amplify - Beginner guide

AWS Amplify is for the mobile and web developers - hosting, adding/managing authentication, CI/CD, API, storage, and a lot more.

A solution for making backend solutions easy to implement for front-end developers.

If you are a web developer looking to start your journey in the world of the cloud then AWS Amplify is for you.

It is simple to understand (thanks to the clear, and simple documentation). Easy to integrate with your front-end application, and support with all the languages - JavaScript ecosystem, React Native, ios, Android, Flutter, etc.

Amplify Features

1) Configure backends fast

2) Seamlessly connect frontends

3) Host in a few clicks

4) Easily manage content


1) Develop: authentication, API, storage, and a lot more

2) Deliver: CI/CD, hosting, domains, etc.

3) Manage: managing users and content

AWS Amplify installation

This is the official guide from Nader just follow this and without any hiccups, you will successfully install it.

What's next?

In the next tutorial, we will explore how to use the authentication from AWS Amplify in the ReactJS application.

Happy learning!!

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