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My first talk on Cloud 🀩πŸ₯³

A few weeks back I cleared my AWS foundation exam.

Cleared my AWS Foundation exam

and a week after my exam clearance I gave a session to the web developers who wanted to start their cloud journey. It was an invite-only session.

Tweet from 5th May 2021; This weekend I am doing a session on - "Introduction to Cloud for web developers" it is an invite-only session.

This session covered the following topic:

1) Traditional/old way

2) What is Cloud

3) Why cloud

4) Features

5) Components

6) AWS introduction

7) IAM, S3, EC2, Cloudfront, ACM

This session's focus was to introduce the developers to understand what is cloud, why the cloud is everywhere, and most important where it fits in web developers' day-to-day work.

As there are more than 100 services every cloud provider has which overwhelmed every new-beginner in the cloud world. In this session, I explained how to start, from where to start, and on which service to focus on as a web developer as a beginner.

Here is the GitHub repo about my plans on the AWS session and Here is the deck which I presented.

Upcoming session

I am planning a session on Host your website on S3

Happy Learning!!

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Helen Anderson

Congratulations on clearing the exam!

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Neha Sharma

Thank you 😊