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Updates from the 85th meeting of TC39

There were several items on the agenda, this post focuses on feature proposals and their progress form the meeting that was held between August 31st, 2021 to September 1st, 2021.

Stage 4:

  • Class Static Blocks Class static blocks provide a mechanism to perform additional static initialization during class definition evaluation.
  • Object.hasOwn Accessible Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty()
  • .at() .at() method on all the built-in indexables.

Stage 2:

Stage 1:


That's how we work from office in Russia @ryzokuken with @TC39 first day sessions. Rostov-on-Don. tweet



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lionelrowe profile image

So glad that a version of the pipeline operator has fiiiiinally moved past Stage 1. Even though I have a slight aesthetic preference for the F# syntax.

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Andy Cormack

Yea, I feel the same, I've been waiting so long for it! Hack is definitely the best version to have moved forward, even though, like you say, the aesthetics of F# are slightly nicer.