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Broaden the view

We develop Offen, a fair and self hosted web analytics software that treats operators and users as equal parties. Here's what's been happening over the past eight weeks.

We have further optimized our display features. The Auditorium for operators now makes better use of screen real estate on desktop devices. Also, we have optimized the display of bar charts in mobile view.

Offen is now available in German, English and recently also in French.
Our consent banner and the Auditorium for operators and users are available in the respective language. If you would like to support our fair approach to web analytics by contributing Spanish, Portuguese or other language versions, please do not hesitate to request an invite.

More secure
Our Docker image of the application are so far running as root. This would theoretically give the possibility to inject malicious code into Offen.
This did not happen in any Offen version. But to fix this possible vulnerability, all images published from now on will run the application as a non-privileged offen user.

Coming up
We want to present Offen and the idea of fair data transfer behind it to a professional audienc. Recommendations for relevant talks and conferences worldwide are very welcome. Got something in mind that we should apply for? Let us know.

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