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Improving interfaces

We develop a fair and lightweight web analytics software called Offen that treats operators and users as equal parties. Here is a glance at what has been happening over the last six weeks.

Offen is now also available in English and German.

Our consent banner and the Auditorium for operators and users are available in the respective language. A further locale, Indonesian, is in the works at the moment. If you would like to support our fair approach to web analytics by contributing French, Spanish or other language versions, please do not hesitate to request an invite.

Custom time intervals

To further develop Offen into a fully competitive analytics tool, we still have some essential UX improvements on our to-do list. In the last few weeks, we have been implementing just one of them. Using the new feature, you can now easily display customised intervals of existing data. In addition, we have revised the choice of default time periods. As always, we welcome feedback on usability.

Experimental JS API

For those who would like a little more precision in exercising user consent, here's some good news. Offen captures a consent decision from the user automatically and gathers pageviews if consent is granted. Now, for finer control, you can instead use the JavaScript API provided by the Offen script and trigger a pageview event all by yourself. Read more about this in our docs.

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