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The time is ripe for Offen

We develop a fair and lightweight web analytics software called Offen that treats operators and users as equal parties. In the last eight weeks we have been working on milestone 6 ‐ the last one defined in our initial product plan defining the scope of our support by the NGI Zero PET initiative. Here's what happened.

Running almost everywhere
We extended our installation options and tuorials. Let us know if you are aware of another great target for installing Offen.

Helping you to get started
We have seen people starting to install of Offen and fixed some expected teething troubles along the way. We have also gained further insights into the way our software is deployed and used so that we can further optimize it for relevant use cases.

Helping you to start contributing
It is of the most importance for us to open up the development of Offen to the community. To kick this off, we will be participating in this year's Hacktoberfest. Head to the relevant issues on our repository and start hacking right away. Also feel free to forward this to whoever might be interested.

Up next
The time is ripe for a paradigm shift in data collection and processing. So please help us to spread the word and find a broader audience. Any sharing, connecting or introducing is very welcome. Thanks!

Read the detailed milestone 6 report on our blog.

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