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Wrapping up a challenging year

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We develop a fair and open web analytics software that treats operators and users as equal parties. Wrapping up what has been a challenging year for everyone, we have worked continuously on the further development of our product over the last three months. This is what we have achieved.

Query performance

We were able to significantly improve query performance when displaying metrics. When analyzing many data points over longer periods of time, we were able to reduce response times by up to two-thirds.

User onboarding

The feedback we have gathered so far has shown us that the functionality of our Auditorium is not immediately clear to some users. Therefore, there is now an onboarding feature for the first-time user. In addition to a brief insight into the data just collected, he will now be introduced to the basic functionality of Offen.

Campaigns and sources

Since we want to offer a fair and professional web analytics alternative, we integrated a UTM feature early on. URLs can be marked with special tags that are later displayed separately in the Auditorium. You can now find a detailed description of this feature in our Docs.

Up next

In the coming months we will focus on some critical UX improvements also featuring ready-made elements for operators to make their users aware of how to access their data. In addition, we will add German as a second locale and further develop the underlying idea of Offen. So stay tuned!

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