Is E-voting ever a good idea?

henrym2 profile image Matthew Henry ・1 min read


TLDR; PC or Paper?

As a student I'm constantly exposed to the political microcosm that is the students union and beyond. Seeing this and the comparisons between the wider world I often wonder as a developing (badum bum ching) developer what either impact we can have and what impact we should have on the politics around us.

Now that E-voting is being introduced, and poorly so in many cases, I have to ask, especially to more experiences members of the community. Do you think its a good idea? Do you have any faith in it's implementation?

Or is it all just a stack of cards waiting to fall down.


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Nathan Reid

It has to be implemented well, but in my opinion the only way to get a really high voter turnout is to allow people to vote online from the comfort of their own homes. Sure there are opportunities for abuse, but the existing system has flaws as well.

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Matthew Henry Author

I suppose that opportunity for abuse is a huge factor in it coming through. Between security concerns and the like, but I think you're right. If nothing else it'd be easier to keep up to date and keep consistent as opposed to the insane and utterly out of date machines and tech that's used presently.