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How do you stay motivated as a web developer?

Try New Tools and Techniques

Using new technology is always a good idea. You'll grow as a developer by getting out of your comfort zone and trying out new technologies. I know, I know, there's a disclaimer to it as well. You shouldn't change your technology all the time like taking a challenge to switch technology after a bunch of projects.

Get a personal project going

You probably don't have much influence on office projects when you work full-time at a web design company. It's frustrating if these projects don't give you a chance to show off your skills, nurture your passion for the work, or make you unmotivated by being repetitive.

Find a passion project to work on in your own time if this gets you down.

Here are a few ideas:

*Build a mobile app;
*Design a font;
*Make free stuff;
*Start or expand your blog;
*write tutorials and articles for developer sites.

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Switch It Up and Do Something Different

As for me, Iā€™m easily bored and distracted. It's hard to get through a big project without wishing it was done already.
You might want to try something else if that's the case.

It'll not only make you feel better, but it'll also make sure a project isn't rushed as you try to finish it.
You don't want to do all the fun stuff at the beginning of a project.

Make sure you mix it up with some of the more common stuff so there's always something fun to do. Use these as incentives.

Participate in conferences

A lot of times at a conference you'll hear something new to you or gain a new perspective on something that'll make you want to apply it to your work.

We indeed learn from people who are like us and have more experience than we do.
Getting back to work won't be easy, you'll be dying to try out what you've learned. Trust me!
It's not all about learning at conferences.

It's also about networking, socializing, and having fun with other like-minded geeks. Then you'll remember why what you're doing is awesome and you'll stay motivated.

Check out Meet-ups

Conferencing can be expensive, especially when you have to pay for it yourself. Attending a conference can be pricey. Consider attending a meet-up with like-minded people instead.
There might be speakers to inspire you and other techies to chat with, just like a conference.


My opinion is that we need to get better and widen our knowledge. As a web developer, you can't just start and expect to sail through your career. It's not just fun to learn about web development when you're bored, but it also might be helpful in your future projects.

Make yourself a specialist

You may be currently working in a generalist role, but that also means that you're probably doing stuff you're not super passionate about.
It's great that you are a web developer that designs too - but you might be designing more than you are coding, so you'd prefer to move into a programming role.
You can specialize to get rid of some of the stuff you don't like and spend more time doing the stuff you like.

Make yourself a generalist

Specialists are awesome. If being a specialist feels too restrictive, and you want to learn more in areas that you don't have much experience in, then move to become a web generalist.

Specialists and generalists are important for the industry. Choosing who you are is a personal decision and will ensure you enjoy your job more.

You need a break

We're exposed to the Internet more than most professions, so we're probably the most online. This makes our work just a click away.

Take a break and go for a hike with your family or close friends. Get close to nature and feel the fresh air, which helps you be more productive. It's okay to take a break as long as you don't do it too often. It might be better to take a 1-day break every month.

Even on holidays, a lot of us work. When you take a break and disconnect for even a little while, you'll be more ready to handle the stresses of your daily life when you get back.
Whenever you start to feel down, take a break and come back refreshed and more motivated.

Get a Job at Another Company

Finding another company that provides what you want is the best next step if staying with your current company isn't challenging or hurting your passion.
This is a very risky proposition in the current economic climate. The stakes are huge, and they cannot be taken lightly. But sometimes it's the only option.'

Break big goals into smaller ones you can accomplish faster

Usually, we set too high or too far-off goals. It's important to have lofty goals, but you have to take small steps along the way. Though it might be a long way off, as long as you keep progressing each day, you'll get there. So, set small goals that will help you get there.
You'll get some quick wins, but you'll also make progress on your bigger projects.

Set yourself up for a quick win.

You can't beat a win! Maybe you're in a slump because you haven't won anything in a while. You can break this losing streak by setting yourself up for some quick wins.
Maybe instead of tackling that huge website project, you should spend an hour writing some marketing copy. Put together a postcard to reach out to some clients, or make it your goal to call five clients in the next hour. Maybe you'll get more business from it down the road, but you'll also have something worthwhile to add to your win column.

Give yourself a reward

You have worked hard by now. You've got a couple more wins, and you've made some progress towards some bigger goals.
You deserve a reward now. Don't go overboard. You could give yourself 5 minutes to play your favorite game, go to McDonald's for a burger, or maybe spend 15 minutes on social media, or read the news. Anything that does not work and makes you feel rich or extravagant.

Take on a Mentorship Role

Teaching something to someone else is the best way to learn it. Connect with beginners and junior developers in your field and try to get their input on the topics they are having trouble understanding and implementing. If you want to collaborate, use social media platforms.

Make Your Own Blog

You can use blogging to share your real-life experiences as a developer, and the struggles that you've faced while trying new things. You might find this helpful for the junior developers who face the same problem. Blogs can also make you money, but don't just do it for money. Start with blogging just to help others who are just getting started in web development or are junior to you.

Keep a positive social presence

You need to develop your social presence in order to showcase your skills for future employment opportunities, and social media provides the best platform for this. If you want to build a personal brand, you need accounts on all of the social media sites like Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Next, you need to post 2-3 valuable posts a day related to your expertise on these social media platforms.

Make Your Own Portfolio Website

Your personal portfolio website is like an online resume that tells about the skills you've acquired over the years and the things you've done to develop them. Apart from all the clients' websites, a good developer has his own portfolio site. You'll also have an online presence and stand out from the crowd with a portfolio website. Whenever you get into web development, your portfolio website should be the first website you build, because it can give you a jumpstart in your career and get you, clients, right away.

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