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Developer "Mid-Level" Crisis

Hello ghyz, in every developer's life..there are many stages and phases just like any other process, and many a-times, people don't really like to pay attention to mid-level devs, i mean there are tons and tons of articles and publications addressing many of the challenges beginners face, which to me is a bit unfair..

A Little Role-Play

My name is Kim 👷‍♂️ i recently got interested in software development, like every other human, i do my little research and see alot of cool technologies to learn and actualise my dream, and yea in 2019 i probably pick JS, few months later i am a bit comfortable, with help from the community i continue to learn and grow, 2-3 years down the line i begin to get comfortable being able to write applications..and happy AF....then boom! the crisis begin

1. I begin to apply for better gigs, and the interviewer keeps asking me wether i can write systems that scale...distributed systems, design patterns and stuff...and i am like WTF man?...i know arrays, varibales and loops isn't that enough?... Then it hits you knowing how to code is the least of your problem 😢

2. I begin to see all these celebrity devs 😅speaking at conferences, also writing blog posts and im like omg, i'm also supposed to have public speaking and writing skills?...damn!!

3. Open source this, open source that...well apple is a $1 Trillion dollar company and they dont do so much wtf should i contribute?🤷‍♂️

4. I finally apply for a gig that they want to concentrate on my coding skill..and then boom... they pull up the white-board interview card... are you shitting me right now? 🌚

5. Then the rejection emails start pouring in...This is usually the hardest part, can almost put a person into depression.

6. I finally get a good gig, and see all these awesome co-workers doing crazy things with code...writing maad code, and i am wondering wether i can ever match up 😭

Tbvh, this stage of your career can be difficult, having to learn and unlearn, encourage yourself and all.. it can get scary real fast.

But if it is any consolation, it would get better, might not completely go away, but trust me things would get better...You just have to be fluid, be teachable..Try and network more, if possible get a mentor or someone to just guide and boost your morale ...

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