What are nice "granny" tools that are available for Windows?

I'd like to do some simple recording of myself with a smartphone and a tripod, dump it to disk, and cut and splice things together, without having to get in too deep.

Just something so I can make a little video explaining some things I learned at a workshop without having to get my "lines" perfect in one single-shot take.


If you are to publish these videos on Youtube, it has own editing interface, you can use it very easily for simple tasks.

If you want to do it on your computer, the most granny but simple program is iMovie. You can also check out ApowerEdit, VSDC Free Video Editor, Rocketium and Filmora. These are enough for you now, but if you want more in the future, you can use Adobe Premiere Pro or Avid.


What similarities do you find between film making and coding?

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