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Hexagon 1.4.0 released!!! 🎉

Hello fellow Kotlin lovers... The 1.4.0 version of the Hexagon Toolkit got released!

Hexagon is a Microservices Toolkit that aims to provide all you need to develop applications that run on Cloud environments.

This is a minor release, but I think it is important to note because it contains a lot of internal improvements (and a lot of contributions from the past Hacktoberfest).

Another important event tied to this release is that it is the first release since Bikramjeet Singh joined the project. Welcome Bikramjeet!


This release brings the following features:

  • Logging modules: Programmatically change logging level on packages not having to rely on configuration files (shaving some ms. to the start up time).
  • Server options and parameters: Fine tune the HTTP Server adapter under the hood (i.e., changing the number of worker threads).
  • Server features: Allow the development of Server Adapters with a subset of the functionalities. Some features could be ZIP support or Sessions support. Adapter's users can also use those adapters with a subset of the supported features to improve memory usage and overall performance.
  • Serialization modularization. Serialization formats have been moved to their own modules, making the final service include only the ones used (and saving disk on the binary distribution).
  • Recover Java 8 support (Jetty not supported, but Servlet is). This can be handy if you work in a slow-moving-company and want to use Hexagon to build some tools, do testing... or delivering production services if you dare 😉

Thanks to Contributors

Future Steps

  1. Complete the functionality set (security, Websockets and OpenAPI).
  2. Change the API: make it more consistent and switch to middleware filters instead before/after.

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