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Are You Bored Setting Up Node/Express Server Everytime You Start New Project? Setup Express App In Seconds

In This Article, We Will Learn How To Setup Express JS Boiler Plate In Some Seconds.

📌 Installation

First Of All Install The CLI Globally So You Don't Need To Install It Every Time You Start A New Project.

Install the CLI globally. If you are windows user, run your command prompt/terminal as administrator. If you are macOS user, add sudo before the following command.

npm i -g @heyitsuzair/express-setup
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📌 Usage

Enter the following in your terminal where you want to initialize app:

new-express-app my-app
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📌 Features That Are Currently Supported By CLI

  • MongoDB Support
  • Mongoose Support
  • Nodemon Server
  • A Dummy Predefined Routes, Controller And Model So You Can Start Working On It Right In

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