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Would you pay for a React component?

Places like Code Canyon allow you to build and sell your own (mostly) Wordpress plugins. That made me think about React.

Why not sell React components that do some useful integration?

Would you pay for a component that solved a problem you have or would you build your own?

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Josh Ellis

I won't say "never", but I can't imagine a situation where this would make sense...

Open Source and tutorials cover a lot of ground here.

Also, installing a plugin on WordPress is a very different thing from trying to fit a component into your codebase.

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Sung M. Kim

Depending on the use case. If it's a complex grid, I might consider buying one if biz logic requires complex scenarios to save time.

Kendo UI React has a pricing model, which you might want to check out.

They have a suite of components for simple & complex components that supposedly integrate well together.

So For WordPress, you can create one that's not too easy to create and provide values to end users :) (not sure how WordPress works with React but a simple drag & drop integration would make it easy for users without worrying about coding?)

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Ivan Jeremic • Edited

The problem here is most people using WordPress plugins are not programmers/web devs so that is the reason the plugin market is so big, on the other hand people who deal with React are all developers so the chance to sell here is much lower.

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shadowtime2000 • Edited

I would probably build my own component because as Josh Ellis said, fitting a component into a codebase is very different from installing a plugin in WordPress. If people did start services (like which allowed you to sell React components I would probably only buy stuff around styling instead of logic, because I am not that good at styling and I want the logic to fit the patterns I am using.

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Esteban Hernández

Companies pay for things like AgGrid, etc.

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Chad Adams

Would you ever pay for a React component?

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If it did something complex and solved a problem for me, totally

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Chad Adams • Edited

Can you think of any scenario? If not then your answer is no. The only components people pay for are UI related components (tailwindcss-ui, kendo ui) or components that come with a service they are paying for. (E.g disqus)