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You've got space for one more sticker. This one!

It's a known fact that developers love stickers, I mean come on - it just makes sense. When it comes to conferences, you'd be lying if you said you didn't get excited at the thought of getting your hands on some cool little stickers. Yes, there are developers who prefer to have a laptop with a clean slate, but even if you're one of those people I'm sure you have a few (or more than a few!) laying around or stuck on other objects.

Stickers are more than just an added punch of color, they're a way of expressing yourself! They're like little badges of pride showcasing your accomplishments and what you've learned. They speak on your beliefs, on causes you support, on conferences you've been to.. on who YOU are as a person!

Yesterday on Twitter I shared a picture of a sticker a friend gave me and wow, was I surprised with how much love it got!

TypeError Sticker

Over 780 retweets, 3.6k likes, and so many supportive messages from developers from all over wanting to add it to their collection. Not only that, they wanted to order multiple to share with friends and within their communities - I absolutely loved that! Sooo, we had to make it happen!

I spoke to my friend (Danielle) and she spoke to her friend (the designer of this incredible sticker! - Graham) to get the ball rolling.

A couple hours later...

Baaam! πŸ’₯ They're available on Redbubble! Not only that, all profits will be donated to TransTech Social Enterprises!

So like the title of this blog post says, you've got room for one more sticker. This one! Show your support, while supporting a great cause.

If you do make a purchase, please be sure to share pics of your laptop (or wherever you choose to stick them!) with us! We'd love to see!

Thank you! ❀️

Photo by imgix on Unsplash

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