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YaraSilly2 Open Source Threat Intelligent Project For Contribution In HacktoberFest

What is Yara Silly2?

A semi-automatic handy tool to generate YARA rules from sample virus files ( WIP ) for Malware Analyst, inspired by the DIFF function of VirusTotal Premium Account.

You can find some sample virus files at

You can find the project repo at

Why you should contribute?

The following are the rewards and benefits for contributors to this project.

  1. If you are an active contributor we will add your image and Github handle in our Readme file.

  2. This project will give a good understanding of the malware analysis world from the Blue Team perspective.

  3. You can get to learn how YARA rules work and details regarding the rules.

  4. Lear to use Python in the world of Threat Identification.

How you can contribute?

You don't have to be a coder to contribute to this project you can contribute by providing suggestions to improve the application or any other better way you want to involve in the project.

Want to provide suggestions? You can post it here -

Are you a developer and want to try your hands dirty by adding new features to the application or make the existing code better? Check out the link -

About Us

Yara Silly Silly is maintained by:

Himadri Ganguly GitHub Twitter LinkedIn
himadriganguly Himadri's GitHub Himadri Ganguly - Twitter Himadri Ganguly - LinkedIn
Krishnendu Paul GitHub Twitter LinkedIn Website
bidhata Krishnendu's GitHub Krishnendu Paul - Twitter Krishnendu Paul - LinkedIn Krishnendu Paul - Website

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