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Hi folks, I've been on this platform for a while now. And to be honest I am not disappointed. I see great posts everyday, people around the globe who like to share thoughts, learning and want to learn.

I would be glad if we connect on socials. May be we can have a introductory meeting (may be more), discuss various topics, brainstorming and all the good stuff you can think off.

I'm looking forward for your comments and connections over linkedIn.

Here's my profile -- linkedIn Profile

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Heya. Am an absolute beginner taking coding on to help serve me as a tool to understand the world around me better, and hopefully help me make the world better at the same time.

What draws me to code is my passion for hacking and cybersecurity, so that's a little of my background. I've mainly used tools and I'm itching to understand how and why they work. Besides, code is a powerful skill to have.

Here is my LinkedIn Profile

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Sure Let's do that.
My linkedin

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Good to have you I left fedivetse abd most social because they all suffer the sane problem that this one doesnt

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