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What is SPA Application?

Hi, I am Hiro and a web developer based in Vancouver, Canada.

Have you ever heard of the term SPA(Single Page Application)?
If never, this article will give you a brief explanation and might help you catch the overview.

The article is short about 1-2 minutes. So please read it when you have time.

At first, do you know what different "tightly coupled" and "Loosely coupled" system?

Tightly coupled means that the systems are closely related to each other. For instance, if one system fails, the other will also fail because these are tightly interconnected. It's also called a monolithic system.

On the other hand, loosely coupled means that the systems don't affect each other's functionality. In other words, should keep inter-system coordination to a minimum and give them independence. This means that if one system fails, the other system will not be affected. loosely coupled system also have the higher maintainability than the tightly coupled system.

What do you think about which the systems are better?

If I were to create a new system, I would create a loosely coupled system, because in development, it can be developed for each function of the system, and in operation, it is more easier to maintain than monolithic.

SPA is one of the loosely coupled system construction methods.
It uses JSON data for connections between systems.
The picture below shows a simple diagram of the differences between monolithic and SPA.


Finally, these are the simple ways of building a SPA application. If we want to build a client-side with JavaScript, there is a library called React.js.
Of course, we can also use a framework called Vue.js.
You can get the data from the backend API server and create the HTML Files by using data in client-side.


In this article, I have provided a brief explanation of what kind of system SPA is. In short words, it means that communication between the systems with data like JSON, which enables the construction of loosely coupled systems.

If you interested in this article, please comment to me!

Thank you for taking your time to read this article!


I am a web developer based in Vancouver, Canada.
I have four years of Job experience as a web developer in Japan. AWS services are my favorite cloud vender and have some certifications.

I am actively looking for a Full-time web developer job, especially Front End.
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