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AutoTranslation from Python to Javascript in Jupyter

Today, we are going to think about how to bridge the data to different kernel. BeakerX project is quite useful as an extension of Jupyter notebook in order to use various kinds different languages which are based on Java. Therefore, when I have some chances to learn other languages, I can easily learn it from Jupyter notebook. It supports Clojure, Groovy, Java, Kotlin, R, SQL, Scala:


This extension also gives a way to bridge between different kernels for exchange of the data, called AutoTranslation (refer:

Firstly, I generate random histogram data in Python. Then, we use beakerx data holder to save them. Secondly, we are going to use them for showing in amCharts.

Here are whole source code which you can copy & paste. However, you should install BeakerX for your Jupyter. Please, read the instruction in for more information.

Happy coding!

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