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Conditional Wrap in React

If you ever played around with React, you probably found a situation where you'd need to conditionally wrap a component. If it matches some condition, it should be rendered inside a given tag, if not, leave it as is. Here's a small snippet for that:

import { FC, ReactNode, createElement } from 'react';

interface WrapProps {
    if?: boolean;
    with: typeof createElement.arguments[0];
    wrapperProps: typeof createElement.arguments[1];
    children: NonNullable<ReactNode>;

const Wrap: FC<WrapProps> = ({
    if: condition,
    with: wrapper,
}) =>
    condition ? createElement(wrapper, wrapperProps, [children]) : <>{children}</>;

export default Wrap;
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const condition = useMemo(() => index % 2 === 0, [index]);

<Wrap if={condition} with="a" wrapperProps={{ 'data-testid': 'wrapper' }}>
    <p>Wrapped text</p>
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This component uses React.createElement because it allows dynamic component creation. It means that, instead of providing a function like (children) => <p>{children}</p> for Wrap, it is possible to pass a React Component instance or a HTML node name.

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