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Quickly Change Directory to the Repo You Just Cloned

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A common pattern in my shell usage is something like this:

  $ mkdir a-directory-name
  $ cd !$
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For those of you who aren't familiar with it, !$ is a Bash history expansion for the last argument of the previous command - so my example above creates a directory and then cd's into it. However, this trick doesn't apply when using the single argument form of git clone:

  $ git clone hoelzro:linotify
  $ cd !$
  bash: cd: hoelzro:linotify: No such file or directory
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So I augmented Bash's cd function to work in this context:

cd() {
    if [[ $1 =~ ^hoelzro: && ! -d $1 ]]; then
        cd ${1/hoelzro:/}
    elif [[ $1 =~ github:.*/ && ! -d $1 ]]; then
        cd ${1/github:*\//}
        builtin cd "$@"
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I've since converted to Zsh, so I also created a Zsh version as well:

function cd {
    local previous_command

    previous_command=$(fc -nl -1 -1)

    if [[ $previous_command =~ ^git && $previous_command =~ clone ]]; then
        if [[ ! -d $1 && $1 =~ (hoelzro|github): ]]; then
            local destination


            builtin cd "$destination"
    builtin cd "$@"
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So now when I cd !$ after a git clone, my shell enters the copy of the repository I just cloned! Both of these rely on using remote shortcuts, but since I use those almost exclusively, this works for me!

Discussion (2)

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Ben Sinclair • Edited on

I know it's not addressing the crux of your post, but Alt-. does the last word on the previous command.
So I do:

git clone whatever wherever
cd <alt-.>

and I am happy :)

hoelzro profile image
Rob Hoelz Author

Yeah, Alt-. is a great alternative to !$!