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🥇Counting Valleys - HackerRank Solution (Javascript) 🚀

An avid hiker keeps meticulous records of their hikes. During the last hike that took exactly steps steps, for every step it was noted if it was an uphill, U, or a downhill, D step. Hikes always start and end at sea level, and each step up or down represents a 1 unit change in altitude. We define the following terms:

  • A mountain is a sequence of consecutive steps above sea level, starting with a step up from sea level and ending with a step down to sea level.
  • A valley is a sequence of consecutive steps below sea level, starting with a step down from sea level and ending with a step up to sea level.

Given the sequence of up and down steps during a hike, find and print the number of valleys walked through.


steps = 8 path = [DDUUUUDD]
The hiker first enters a valley 2 units deep. Then they climb out and up onto a mountain 2 units high. Finally, the hiker returns to sea level and ends the hike.

Function Description

Complete the countingValleys function in the editor below.
countingValleys has the following parameter(s):

  • int steps: the number of steps on the hike string path: a string describing the path


  • int: the number of valleys traversed

Input Format

The first line contains an integer , the number of steps in the hike.
The second line contains a single string , of characters that describe the path.

function countingValleys(steps, path) {
    // Write your code here

    let strArr = path.split('')
    let count = 0
    let result = 0
    for(let step=0; step<steps; step++){
        if(count == 0 && strArr[step].toLowerCase() == 'd'){
            count -= 1
            result += 1
        } else if(strArr[step].toLowerCase() == 'd'){
            count -= 1
        } else {
            count += 1
    return result
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