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14 Work Hacks To Check Out For 2020!

Most of us begin each year with objectives and desires to accomplish. With proper planning and objectives, you are able to save time and prevent failure. We all do not want to fail but when you do not plan, you are simply planning to fail. In this article, there are clearly discussed ways that can help you achieve your desires and have you achieve your goals this year.

Working from home

There is a wrong notion that working from home reduces productivity. Research has proven that this is not true and working from home actually increases productivity by up to 13%. This is contributed to by the fact that working from homes reduces days off and working from home isolation increases productivity. You may consider working from home two days a week and see how that impacts your work.

Identify tasks that use up too much time

It is likely that you are spending too much time than needed on tasks. If you set time to complete a task within an hour, focus on achieving that since if you simply let such a task take longer, it will definitely take longer. Track your time to see how much time you would require to complete each task and stick to set timelines. You could achieve this by tracking time manually or by using online tracking methods. With good tracking, you are able to schedule your time well and allocate each task the correct timing and have you completing tasks much faster. This way you save on time and are more productive.

Have a working schedule

A working day has about hours and so as to ensure you remain productive this entire time, it is important that you schedule all your tasks. Have a calendar of all your work so that you know which task needs to be handled next. You will otherwise use up so much time deciding on which task to handle next after the other. It is also important to stick to a planned schedule, if a task takes two hours, use no more. That way, your schedule is effective and helps you to achieve. This also helps you to be self-disciplined.

Prioritize your tasks

Having a random schedule is not enough and it would make more impact if you ensure that you are doing the right tasks at the right time. Therefore, have a well-structured system that enables you to prioritize your work. Prioritize tasks in regard to those that give you the best returns of invested time. For instance if you happen to work as a sales person, you should prioritize tasks that bring in more sales and opportunities. Clearly label tasks as high priority and low priority. This will eventually make you more productive not only at work but also in life.

Figure out what time you’re most productive

Daily routine determines your productivity. Therefore, plan your day according to your personal pace. Place high priority work at a time when your brain is most active and when your body is well relaxed to work. Low priority work can be done at other times. Simpler tasks should be done when you are a bit worn out as they do not take up much of your energy.

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