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print('Hello, world!')

About me

Hi guys, I am Emily in Toronto. This is my very first blog on programming fields and I hope I can give you a small picture about myself.
I am currently in my 5th semester CPA at Seneca. Beside coding, I love playing tennis and gardening in my free time.

Why OSD600

  • The first reason is that I want to know more about Open Source and can learn from other developers. I have been using many Open Source applications/frameworks through out my learning journey at Seneca and I really appreciate the open source community. The encouragement and the united vibe of the open source community attracted me the most and made me want to become one of them.
  • Second, I believe that contributing to open source project is the great way to gain experience, knowledge and making connections with experienced developers.


In this term, my goals are understanding deeply about React library and Java Spring framework. Therefore, I want to work on projects that used React or Spring.

Github Trending

The recent GitHub repository that cached my eyes is EagleEye.
This is a cool project that uses an image to find Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account. The project uses Python, Selenium library, Dlib _face detection library. I like Python and Selenium and found them smart. I also want to know more about machine learning so this project is perfect start.

Thank you !

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