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Working together in Open Source Projects

The start

After finishing the features of my command line application tool shinny-ssg, I was working with Diana to cross-check the source code of our projects. In general, we have to check for bugs, suggest improvement, and file issues on Github.
We both use C# and .NetCore 3.1 to create the projects and therefore, the experience was quite exciting and I definitely learned a lot.
It is just a pleasure to work with Diana. I have known her previously from my database and web classese and knew that she is such a hard working and bright girl. In addition, Diana worked at the company which I am now doing the internship at. She has used C# for a long time and have great knowledge about it. This was very evident from her code.

The Process

I tested her application glazed-donut with all test cases and her code nailed it. All the features worked as expected and it generated appropriate messages to the users when there were any errors/exception. The only problem I could find about it is in generateHTML method , which she should have replaced the <br\> with white space. Other than that, just a few minor typos on the read me file, but nothing major.
When she reviewed my code and tested my app, I appreciated that she really spent the time to check every detail, giving me very sound advice and helped me file bugs which I did not find before.
First, she mentioned the naming convention in C# and explained in details the good practices in the industry. Second, she found a bug in my Page class which created an extra <head> </head> tag. Third, my exception handling was not good enough and she guided me to make it better.
In the end, I am able to fix most of the issues but I need more time to improve the code and make it flawless.

Final Thought

I really appreciated Diana for reviewing my code so thoroughly. I found that testing and reviewing code is great way to learn and improve your knowledge/code design.
Thank you :)

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