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Trump Chatbot in 4 hours w/ HTML, plain CSS, JS & jQuery

Trump may not be occupied from now on, so maybe he can entertain you!

I built a fun side project in 4 hours: TRUMP CHATBOT

How it works

  • 6 options to choose from or type a custom message
  • Trump replies back with an awesome, beautiful, best quote picked randomly
  • Trump also gives you a helpful WFH tip at times ;)
  • When Trump is out of responses, chat reloads

Back to Basics - Plain CSS + JS + jQuery

Wanted an interface that is:

  • Fast
  • Looks clean
  • Gives a hackerish feel (no modern UIs)

So, wrote CSS & JS from scratch. No frameworks, only a bit of jQuery to make life easier :)

Adding delays to give a realistic feel

  • Explicit delays when you enter a message or after you choose an option

  • Similar delay before Trump responds

Logging key events & scrolling to current message

  • Added key events so you can chat without using mouse

  • Used jQuery animate to scroll to the current message

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