I'm making a React tutorial. Help me decide what to build!

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UPDATE: Thanks everyone for your comments and feedback - super useful stuff! The ecommerce store has been the most popular idea by far. So I'm going ahead with that. I promise I'll try to make it fun and not boring. Follow me on Medium and sign up to the Learnetto newsletter to get the tutorial as soon as it's out. I'll probably send my rough drafts to the newsletter first so get on that if you want to see my progress.

Hello! I'm writing a React tutorial for the freeCodeCamp blog. It'll be a hands-on tutorial where I'll build a working app. But I can't make up my mind about what to build!

Please help me choose from the following ideas I'm considering (from this blog post of mine):

Book club
Ecommerce Store
AWS S3Â client
Free Stock Image search app
Github explorer app for finding interesting code repositories
Meme generator
Medium clone
DJÂ Spotify
Stripe analytics dashboard
Google analytics dashboard

PS If you don't like any of them, feel free to suggest more.

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Thanks for offering free tutorials on React. They're a fantastic starting point for learning how to use it in Rails. From your list, AWS S3 client sounds great.

Something not on your list - could you do a lesson on integrating Google Maps API into an app? In particular, a way to add a map to each appointment you create from your Appointments app tutorial?


That's a great idea, Michael! I'll try and do it as part of my weekly tutorials on Learnetto.


Quite a few of those sound good. My main suggestion would be to include some examples of working with React Router v4. Specifically what's sometimes called "List detail view" (ie: a list of blog posts that shows only the title, but once they're clicked it loads the detail component and reveals the content of the post. Dev.to being one of many examples).

Looking forward to it!


Hey Aaron, I'm going to start off with a very simple app in this blog post. I will add more things in subsequent tutorials.

I have done a series of lessons on React Router v4 covering index, show, edit and delete routes for a list of resources. Have a look in my list of tutorials here.


Ok cool. Will check it out!


I think an Ecommerce Store or a Medium clone would be good. Both will cover almost everything one needs to learn from a tutorial. All the CRUD operations and even state management in react.

PS: I haven't found a good tutorial for react anywhere. Looking forward to yours.


Dhruv, check out my free course. It's mainly aimed at Rails developers but I cover the basics of React.

Also see some new tutorials here.


Cool idea! I want to BUILD ALL THE THINGS!!

I will try and get to it some day as part of my weekly tutorials on Learnetto.


I'm not exactly sure but some kind of DJ’ing app built on top of Spotify. You'd get recommendations, create and mix playlists and even allow others to add songs to your playlists.

The only annoying thing is that Spotify doesn't allow you to play music through a 3rd party app. So it would just be a UI but you'd have to keep the Spotify app running alongside.


I agree with ben. This example sounds awesome.


AWS S3 Client sounds interesting !


E-commerce would be a good well-rounded tutorial. Having the cart would be a good example of state management.