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Python is a Superpower. Industries that are using Python today

Python language has proved to be the Superpower of computing these days. Even when a lot of critics come out to speak against it, it still persists and infact grows even stronger, why is that?
First of all, python has the easiest syntax in the world, it's literally just plain text. So it's easy to grasp.
Secondly, it doesn't have a lot of tricks behind it, you can literally master the whole entire python language in a matter of days.
Thirdly, Python is not really that fast, but the power it has to be highly extensible and embeddable adds extra boost to it's speed using tools like cython.

For that reason, Python has been used in very many industries, here's a afew.
As a graphics major, python has become the de facto language for graphics scripting with industry standard software such as Houdini, Autodesk Maya, 3DsMax, Blender and so many others use Python for scripting.
Google's search is actually built with python.
Almost all Artificial intelligence tools today are built with Python including Tensorflow and Pytorch which are the leading standards.
Reports have also noted a large increase in malicious software written in Python, this means that system security and encryption is being developed and tested in Python these days.
Python is coming to mobile, with open source projects like Kivy and BeeWare pushing the boundaries to Port Python to all the major mobile operating systems. You can actually build mobile apps with Kivy or BeeWare's Toga.
Game scripting is now days done with Python, the most famous is EveOnline built with stackless python.
I could go on and on but I beg to end here, you can include more industries that use Python in the comments below

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