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The 2019 Web Almanac is now available as a free ebook!

rick_viscomi profile image Rick Viscomi ・1 min read

Last year 29 subject matter experts from the web community came together in a massive effort to document the state of the web, called the Web Almanac. They wrote about 20 topics in the areas of page content, user experience, content publishing, and distribution. Chapters include JavaScript, CSS, Performance, SEO, Ecommerce, CMS, CDN, HTTP/2, and many more.

Screenshot of the Caching chapter in the 2019 Web Almanac ebook

Now you can download an ebook of the entire 2019 edition (for free). It's 421 pages and 18 MB of solid research and analysis from trusted web experts packaged up for ergonomic e-reading. We've also translated the entire contents into Japanese. Or if you'd prefer to browse the content on the web, you can always visit

The mission of the Web Almanac project is to document and raise awareness of the state of the web using the huge amounts of data from millions of websites in the HTTP Archive. This project is invaluable to understanding how the web is trending and the areas in which we need to be doing better. I hope you check it out!

Discussion (2)

joaoantunes87 profile image
João Antunes

Hi Rick,
Thanks a lot for this great content. Is there any way to have the ebook in .epub or .mobi format?


rick_viscomi profile image
Rick Viscomi Author

Hi João, no plans for epub or mobi formats but the project is open source if you wanted to help make these happen!

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