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Hooks Reducer Links

Articles Referenced:
ES5 functions vs. ES6 ‘fat arrow’ functions
Lifting State
K.C. Dodds - App State Management
Array Destructuring
Refs in React
useRef documentation
Web Accessibility Guidebook for Developers

StackBlitz Demos Referenced:
Demo With Prop Drilling
Class Using Context API
Functional Components Using Context API

Hooks Reducer: Demo Starting Point
Hooks Reducer: Add Todo
Hooks Reducer: Complete Todo
Hooks Reducer: DeleteTodo

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chenge profile image

Presentation, where?

var pets = {
  names: ['Baron', 'Chief', 'Axel'],
  owner: 'Jason',
  description: function(){
      return `${this.owner} knows an awesome dog named ${pet}.`


Code in the 1st is fun.

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Eric Bishard

I will link to the presentation!