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Get Certified - Pass the Azure Fundamentals Exam (AZ-900)

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A certification provides competency, shows commitment, professionalism and most importantly: it motivates you to keep learning and gather knowledge. It's also a great way to get a better job.

Currently Microsoft Azure is the number 2 cloud provider behind AWS, and is still growing. Microsoft constantly improves, changes and adds new services and resources to it's cloud platform.

Every cloud provider has its pros and cons, but let's focus on the positive side of Azure:

  1. Azure provides very strong and fast PaaS capabilities, which in today’s world is a very important part of any cloud infrastructure.
  2. Azure brings to the array an integrated environment for deploying cloud apps, development and testing.
  3. The new design of Azure is intuitive, easy to digest and with a solid security development life-cycle included.
  4. The developer’s tools are amazing, and with a lot of flavors and colors. From an IoT suite to machine learning.

So with all these cool features, sounds like Azure is a very competitive cloud provider, and it's worth it to get certified.

The Azure Fundamentals Exam, or AZ-900 is a multi-choice, theoretical exam, and covers the foundations upon Microsoft designed its cloud platform, from standards to cases of use for the services and/or products available on Azure.

If you're interested in getting the certification, download my "AZ-900 Practice and Answers" document. This exam covers topics like security, privacy, compliance, general cloud concepts, and basic understanding of pricing and support for several Azure services and resources. Does not matter if you're unfamiliar with Azure, my document will help you out!


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