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Do you issue pull requests on your own personal repositories?

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As I have recently graduated and have had a bit more time to work on projects, I found myself creating pull requests on my own repositories that no one else will review except me.

I am of the belief that a pull request offers a good time to reflect on code that you have written in a very easy-to-view way.

Does anyone else do this, or am I just crazy? Thanks for the input! 😄

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Yes. All the time. Reviewing the code in Github is quite more comfortable than doing diffs in the console.

Also, if you also open issues to organize your tasks, you can associate the PR with the issue, so you can follow your progress better. It also gives me the feeling of acomplishment because I feel that I am progressing in discreete steps. But this is completelly subjective, and probably based on the fact that I am used to use Github at work.


That is a great idea to use Github issues to help track work!


Firstly, great name, Hunter! Lol I'm being serious by the way. Great name! In regards to your question, I don't currently but I think I will now for the reasons you listed! It seems like an awesome idea. Thanks for sharing ✌🏻😁


Thanks, Adam! Be sure to let me know how it goes - I hope it is a valuable technique for you!


I don't stand on ceremony for small tweaks but anything major headed for the master branch gets a pull request so there's more of a record of the change going in.


Interesting perspective - I think I have found that a lot of my "small tweaks" have some degree of unintentional side-effects 😝. But I agree, sometimes a very minor change does not warrant the pomp and circumstance of a PR. Thanks for you input!


I sometimes do.

If I'm working on a bunch of separate features over a long period (which can happen with these personal projects...) it helps for me to queue them up as PRs so I can easily see what's going to go into the master branch.

If it's just one feature at a time I'll just merge it straight in instead.


Thanks for the feedback - great insight! It seems to be best to create a PR when there is more than trivial changes!

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