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TOP 5 Node-Express Boilerplates For Building RESTful API's In 2021

So a lot of developers working with nodejs might bump into the architectural issue of designing the backend architecture to be simple, robust, and consistent usually when dealing with building RESTful API's.

Sure there are many boilerplates available as public repo's on GitHub, but not everything is created equal.

Here is my compilation of the 5-best publically available node-express boilerplates to kick start your next groundbreaking project.

  1. danielfsousa/express-rest-boilerplate
    This boilerplate top's the list. Well obviously it will be on the top when you get things like vanilla javascript with ES2017 latest features including Async/Await, enabled with CORS, Docker support, CI with TravisCI, Monitoring with pm2, Helmet, Passport, Git hooks with Husky, Morgan(for logging), Test support with mocha/chai/sinon, Joi validation, dotenv for a .env environment plus a lot more. However, for people that want a simple design, keep reading.

  2. hagopj13/node-express-boilerplate
    Based on the number 1 in this list. This repo includes all the features that its predecessor has but it packs a much more cleaner structure. Be sure to give it a try if you want to build an elegant and smooth API.

  3. madhums/node-express-mongoose
    Focuses on the MVC pattern (like the 1 & 2 in this list). If you are someone that wants a well-organized structure based on MVC then be sure to check this one out.

  4. maitraysuthar/rest-api-nodejs-mongodb
    Much similar to number 2 but it takes a simpler approach. Both are great however, you can play around and see what you like. For a small project, I would say go with this one.

  5. kunalkapadia/express-mongoose-es6-rest-api
    Simple design but good for smaller projects with features like Microservice, ES6-syntax, code coverage, JsonWebToken Authentication, and more. If you want a simple, clean, and minimal solution then this might be your go.

So here it is guys, I hope you found this article useful and helpful. All of the above-mentioned repo's have an MIT license and so you are free to play around with them.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this comparison. Also, be sure to comment below about any other project that you think would make a spot on this list.

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msamgan profile image
Mohammed Samgan Khan

hey Huzaifa,

I create a similar kind of project, Can i get you review on this and hopefully i may make the list of yours.

please have a look

ixartz profile image
Remi W.


Do you accept more boilerplate into the list?
I've also built a Express boilerplate:

Built in Serverless with TypeScript.

What do you think?


przemeknowicki profile image
Przemek Nowicki

Hi people, if anyone interested in node-express boilerplate but with TypeScript on the board, feel free to use this one: