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Paul (hxii) Glushak
Paul (hxii) Glushak

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Saishō — Very simple semi-static site engine

After I made micro (a minimalist theme for Bludit) and having recently acquired a bunch of spare time thanks to getting fired, I decided to challenge myself to create something I can actually use and learn something in the process. I decided this is something I can share with you as well.

最小 (Saishō) is a very simple semi-static site engine built for speed and simplicity in PHP. It reads all MD files in a folder, parses them, and serves the cached variant.
It was made for those of you that require no bells nor whistles, but something that will allow you (and your visitors) to focus on your content.

Feedback is more than welcome. This is a learning experience. Do keep in mind that the entire point of Saishō is to be quick and simple.


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Great job you made with both instances of the minimalist theme for Bludit. Congrats on this project Saishō, it looks great and hopefully I'll start using it for a personal project. Looking forward to it!