Wordpress is dying! or is it?

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Wordpress gets lots of bad press and I can understand a lot of it.

But I was recently asked by a friend what he should use if he wanted to start a personal blog.

He has no coding knowledge and no interest in learning to code. So this rules out rolling your own.

All I could think of was Wordpress, he registered a domain, installed Wordpress via a 1-Click installation and was up and running with his first post published online within an hour or so.

What would you have suggested if asked the same question?


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Yes, WordPress is dying, the developers are too slow & strict in adopting basic features, I will try to list you here all of them.

  1. I know many Bloggers that write Articles in Google Docs or Word and then past it into WordPress for publishing, this is because the editor is not good enough for Authors (for who the cms is supposed to be), they have done a ton of bad design decisions with Gutenberg, They need to split things up into Author-Editor witch optimized for writers and writing Articles & Gutenberg Editor which will be only for pages.

  2. Modern Headless CMS like Strapi Support out of the box Content-Type-Builder which is a must-have for advanced websites. In WordPress on the other hand you need the plugins CPTUI / ACF to build apps who need a ton of custom data with no coding. I think WordPress needs to have a ContentType-Builder like Strapi in the core, if they don't pick this up I see dark times coming for WP.

  3. They released a REST API wich no modern methods like JWT & OAUTH to secure the API,... What? Yes! you need to rely on plugins for securing your REST API, more modern solutions like Stitch from MongoDB or Strapi all have Email/Password & Social OAuth built-in out of the box for securing the whole API.

  4. Basic things where you ask yourself why is this not WP-Core are annoying, For example you cannot create roles from the UI, What? Yes! You cannot create roles from the UI like in more modern solutions.

  5. The WordPress Dashboard need to disable plugins the access to the dashboard menu, every WP Site looks different & like a mess when you open it because all kinds of plugins fight for the best place in the menu,...WordPress needs to change this and have a central place under a submenu where the Plugin Authors are allowed to show menu links.

I would recommend setting up TinaCMS with Gatsby for your friend.


I am not expert on WP but I assume they are all valid concerns.

The problem with TinyCMS and Gatsby is that this would require coding/development knowledge and a fair amount of time setting up, designing, deploying etc.

The vast majority of people including my friend wanting to set up a personal blog would not have the knowledge or the interest to go down this route.


In the past, I was using Blogger / Blogspot. However, WordPress is indeed a greater gateway to customization.

Also, WordPress company does sell domain names, making it easy.

You can also use WordPress only for the admin panel and its API.


WordPress still stay #1 CMS at world, most simple, most universal..
If your friend not have coding skills WordPress best solution.
using gatsby or something else will just waste your friend’s time digging through the documentation..


Over a third of the Internet is WordPress, be it wordpress.com or self-installed WordPress from the .org. Not just blogs but very large companies and sites use WordPress. WordPress is the core of a large number of support, programming, and support service companies... I don't see WordPress going anywhere anytime soon...