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I collected 126 new remote jobs for developers at IBM, Lambda School and others

Good Monday, DEV community! 👏🏼

During the period from January 13 to 19, I collected 136 vacancies from popular job boards like Glassdoor, Flex Jobs, We Work Remotely, and others, as well as from Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

It takes about 3 hours a day to visit 78 sources that I prepared in advance. Here are the links for several job's categories by language:

All developers jobs 👉🏻

As you might already know from my intro post I am a full-stack web developer (php, laravel, javascript) and the creator of Meerkad. I started this Remote Job Board Community to connect companies with the current and hopeful remote working people from all over the world. So! If you are looking for a remote job I'm glad to help!


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