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You don't need to remember everything

In this article, I want to discuss what to learn when you want to learn a programming language.

In the beginning, I used to think programming is a mess. I would say, Man look at that site it looks so out of the world, they must have used so many tools and technologies to make it look so. But the truth is, it does not require all the HTML tags or attributes, CSS properties to design an extraordinary web page.

It just requires us to learn some simple and universal tags, attributes, and properties and all the beautiful pages are a result of a combination of various simple features to bring out of the world experience.

The main reason why HTML got popular because it was not feasible for scientists to publish there content with good semantics online. This problem was solved by HTML. Later when they realized to bring some styles to the webpage, CSS was developed. Now they were able to produce beautiful web sites that can provide a lot of information. To make the web sites interactive and bring life to the sites JavaScript was brought to the picture. It has come a long way now.

When we are learning a markup language or we are learning a programming language, we need to remember that these are tools that can perform tremendously. We don't need to remember every aspect of the tool. We just need to remember what we might use in the upcoming future. Just by learning 10% of the features and concepts of the language that are used the most, we will be able to produce beautiful websites and web applications.

If you are starting with new technology like HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. I suggest you take a tutorial on Udemy and create a simple project like a todo list. This will cover, essential features and concepts that are required to build any application. After understanding and implementing the basics, with practice, we will be able to learn complex projects and complex concepts.

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