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Start Documenting your Journey ✍️

During these tough times, We're dealing with a lot of things in our daily lifestyle & it's really important to document our progress. But the question would arise here is Do We Really Need to Keep Track of our daily progress?, Why should we keep track of it? & What's the benefit of it?. 🙄

TL;DR This article is for those who want to be successful in their life but they don't know where to start and how to continue developing themselves on the right path.

🤔 What do you mean by Documenting your Journey?

Many of us have made good progress in our career by this time and it's difficult to remember every single detail of it. You must keep track of every single detail of what you have done, what you're doing & what you'll be doing, irrespective of whether you succeed or not (as everything you do will teach you a lesson).

💡 Ways to start documenting your journey

  1. Keep a diary with you and start writing about your journey
  2. Start Blogging about your journey (It'll help you keep track of your journey)
  3. Buy a domain and simply develop your website for keeping track of your blogs.
  4. Linkedin - You've to keep your profile up to date with your achievements, experiences, rewards, skills & so on.

There're many platforms you can publish your blogs on such as Hashnode,, Medium or it can even be your website.

💪 Just get out of your comfort zone & start writing!! STOP making Excuses

🤯 What's the easiest thing You should blog about?

Are you, someone struggling with finding the right topic to blog on? If you said Yes, then this section will be an answer to this particular question and after this, you'll be confident enough to find the right topic & be consistent with your writings.

In this section, I'll introduce you to something which is pretty straight forward and all of us know about it very well, but then too we're facing difficulties in finding the right topic to blog on!!!

That thing is...


Yes, You read it correctly!

This is the simplest thing you can write on daily basis. Yes, this is what you can start with and it will eventually lead you to document your journey. 😄

I know, what you're thinking about. You already knew this, right? Then what's something that keeps you away from documenting your daily progress? (Just Ask Yourself!) 🧐

🤓 Let's talk about the benefits of Documenting your Journey

  1. This'll help you to keep track of every single thing you did till now.
  2. This'll gonna help someone in finding the right path after reading about your journey if they are struggling with some problem you had once.
  3. Gradually, you will be good at your writing and reading skills (This is one of the reasons why I've started writing)
  4. It'll gonna help you in your bad times to boost your confidence and to remind you about Who you're & what you can achieve.

⛳️ Conclusion

Doesn't matter what profession you possess, but if you want to be successful then start with documenting your journey.

I know, you're afraid to start documenting your journey because you might be thinking about whether it'll be interesting or valuable enough for readers. But the key here is to start writing. It might be valuable for some people and might not for others. The only thing that matters is You being consistent while Documenting your Journey.

Now, It's your time to start writing about your journey and share it with the community. You never know what might help someone. 🤝

Just a reminder, You're awesome! You're doing great! Keep working hard and start writing about anything that comes to your mind. 🙌

Thanks, for reading it till the end. 🙏

Let me know your thoughts on this in the comments section. If you think this is helpful, do share it with your friends and colleagues. Feel free to connect with me on any of the platforms below! 🚀

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Mouseroot • Edited

This post inspired me to start blogging about my current project: The RX-500