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Beginner Guide: Difference between Java and Java Script

If you are new to Java and JavaScript and want to know the basic difference between the two, this article is for you. If you are on the verge of choosing one language as your career, you should know about the fundamentals of these languages. Depending on your past experience and your skills, you can see how they related and where the difference lies.
Let’s get started!

Introduction to Java:

Java is a multi-platform and object-oriented programming language similar to C++. In 1995, Sun Microsystem released it and later considers the most reliable, secured as well as fastest of all languages. From creating a website to network, Games to the internet, this language is master of all trades. Even on your computer, you need java extension to work various applications smoothly.

Banking, Information Technology, Financial Services, Stock market, there is an endless list of niche where Java is being used and proving the best choice of the modern world.

Here are basic features of Java you must know:

• Simple language: After C++ and eradicating various difficult topics like pointers and operator overloading, Java has made programming easy and essential for the programmer.
• Secured form: In Java, the code you write can easily convert into byte code after compilation. Byte code is a code especially formulated to make others unable to read and understand. This helps in avoiding duplication of code on other applications from spammers. You can run programs inside the sandbox that help in getting applications free from viruses.
• Strong memory: Due to reliable and strong memory inbuilt in Java, it can eliminate errors in the code at any phase of compilation.
• Dynamic in nature: Java has gifted with dynamic memory distribution that in turn helps in less wastage of memory hence improving the performance of your build.
• Performance: Due to the usage of byte code, Java can give high performance. You can easily translate your code into Byte code and in reverse, you can be easily translated byte code into native machine code anytime. Because of this JIT compiler features, Java is considered the great performing language.

Now Learn about JavaScript:

JavaScript is a scripting language after HTML that helps in creating a stunning website and web pages. This language is for the front end to work on the Client side. While programming you can compile and run your program in a web browser without any other resource needed. APIs, XML, and the most recent Node JS. are some of the technologies where JavaScript is used.

JavaScript was first released in 2019 and designed by Brendan Eich. First, it was released in 1995, but after various modifications, it finally came in 2019 along with HTML and CSS. In nature, JavaScript is a high-level language that embeds JIT compiler and works on curly-bracket syntax with ease.

Important features of JavaScript:

• Cross-platform Language: Writing one application and running on several platforms is the meaning of being cross-platform. JavaScript is a cross-platform language that runs almost everywhere.
• Client-side language: JavaScript is a client-side scripting language that means the source code we create is being processed by the client's end. JavaScript also functions in this same way. After running code, the webpage can be loaded deprived of connecting server.
• Use of Else and if statements: In JavaScript, most of the logical operator handles with the use of Else and if statement that programmer usually learns in C and C++ languages.
• Lightweight: JavaScript is a lightweight language in which very delicate and light code embeds without the use of variables. It employs only objects to execute the tasks. Event Handling: In JavaScript, different operations can be handled that usually updated on the server. It means when a user tries to execute the operation, the server handles the client-side responses.


Be its Java or JavaScript, both languages need expertise and an extensive approach to learn and execute in the respective platform. So, choose one that holds your knowledge to be successful in your career.

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